In een vorige blog schreef ik over de grootste fout die promovendi maken bij het plannen. Een van de reacties die ik daarop kreeg, zette me aan het denken. Het was de reactie van Dr. Robert Joslin. Hij schreef

“Big (potential) mistakes – lets see what other things fit into this category

  • selecting a topic that does not really interest the student
  • selecting and/or accepting a supervisor who does not have time, knowledge of your topic or generally is not supportive

De grootste fout van promovendi



  • topic that requires access to materials that are generally not accessible
  • a university or business school with limited journal access
  • a university or business school that is a long way from where you live and you need to do many expensive trip for courses and conferences
  • not setting up your PhD process like a project in terms of process tools and techniques. The ability to manage and synthesize data is critical
  • selecting a reference management software application that you outgrow and would like to change to another
  • not taking the time to make friends at your school and virtual community
  • never asking for help
  • not investing in a high end laptop, and extra large screens (30 inches) to allow lots of data to be displayed
  • not having a fixed schedule, to reduce drifting
  • not offering to present and take the lead at courses and/or conferences
  • not ….

I guess there are many topics that could fit, but hopefully we personally don’t experience too many of these. FYI Turn these around and they become PhD/Masters success factors.”


The grootste fout die promovendi maken


Wat beschouw jij als de grootste fout die je ooit gemaakt hebt of die je andere promovendi ziet maken? Laat het me weten. Dan draaien we het om en maken er een succesfactor van, niewaar?


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